Pearl Jam is more than a band... More than a collection of generation defining rock anthems, and more than decades of epic concerts and sold out arenas.  More than all of this, Pearl Jam is a community - a place for people to come together, find common cause, and join in celebration.

This community is called "The Faithfull"

Our goal is to bring that community together by recreating the music, the energy, and the emotional intensity of a Pearl Jam show.  In addition to all the hits, we include b-sides, deep cuts, and songs from all eleven studio albums - and like Pearl Jam, we never play the same set list twice.  The Faithfull delivers a unique experience at every show, and the absolute closest thing possible to an actual Pearl Jam concert. 

But to do that, we need you - The Faithfull - to join us.

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Flower City Ballroom with Red Hot Tribute
Lompoc, CA
Saint Rocke (with Hollywood U2)
Hermosa Beach, CA
Grunge Fest @ The Garden Amp (with Nearvana, Rusty Sunn, and A Perfect Tool)
Garden Grove, CA
The Bourbon Room (with Hollywood U2)
Hollywood, CA
The Garden Amp (with In the End: The Linkin Park Experience)
Garden Grove, CA
Club 80s
Corona, CA